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Trisha Smith's Triplet Maternity Session

Maternity portraits are a rare treat for me, so  when we found out Trish was pregnant with triplets, I knew this special session had to happen! She's a beautiful woman anyway, but with the excitement and glow of three precious babies, she was radiant.  She kept smiling and posing for me even though she was pretty tired. Joanna did her hair and make up and also doubled as wardrobe designer. She created this beautiful maternity dress and sash. The sash represents the two baby boys, and one baby girl. We are all pretty excited to meet them and I look forward to photographing them after they make their debut!

Glamour Session with Monique Giannetti

Sometimes I wonder if playing dress up for a day is right for every kind of woman. I recently had the experience of working with the kind of client who says, "Sure, I'll try anything!" Due to the tireless efforts of Joanna Barnes,  I can now offer even more beautiful wardrobe pieces to my clients. By the time of this session, she had created yet another beautiful skirt. Monique was excited to try it out and I am so proud of our results!  I have no idea how she was able to look so strong and powerful while wearing something so delicate and fluffy. She reminds me that women are truly multifaceted, and I appreciate being able to show that to the world.

It's getting close to yearbook deadlines for senior portraits! I charge $50 for a fully edited image, uploaded for yearbook submission.

If you choose to book your senior portraits with me later, I will credit the $50 to your session!

Call or message me for more information; 248-807-1445

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